Services and Prices

Daycare: Daycare (rather than in-home care) is preferred for diapered pets.   My home is conveniently located in midtown Lincoln–near 48th and O Street.

$20: for 1/2 day (4-5 hours).

$35: for full day (up to 9 hours).

Special Needs Boarding:

$45 for a 24 hour period

In-Home Visits and Walks:

$20: One half hour, or so, (never less time) visit for walks, brushing, feeding and general care and loving. Basic property care and protection. We’ll check in on your grandmother, while caring for her pet. We’ll let you know if anything is amiss. We’ll go check if you think you left the iron on. Free text with picture! No marking on our vehicle to indicate that you might be gone. Requires a key registration. Your key is kept, unmarked, in a safe, except when in use. No online information ever, except for secure encrypted payment info.

Special Services–such as trips to the vet or groomer:

$30 first hour, plus $7 for each 15 minute increment after that–door to door.

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