Relieving Caregiver Stress

Studies show that caring for a sick or elderly pet may be even more stressful than caring for a sick or elderly person.  Generally there are more options available for those caring for a sick parent or child.  When one needs to take time to care for a pet, employers and even family members, are much less sympathetic.  Yet this pet is just as much a family member to you as the human variety.


When I was caring for two older dogs with spinal disease, and an older cat with pancreatic cancer, I was lucky enough to be able to take some time off from work.  I found that the stress had affected my health as well, so I spent two years caring for them and for myself.  Now I’m down to just one older dog, and I’ve gotten the routine down pretty well.  I’m now able to help my clients care for their older pets and their healthy siblings.



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