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Caring for Special Needs Pets:

Anyone who is kind enough to care for an older pet, or adopt rescue pets, knows that they sometimes come with health problems. Though I wouldn’t have traded them for the world, my two most recent corgis had a common puppy mill genetic condition called degenerative myelopathy. Their back legs went out on them, and it progressed up the spine until their breathing was affected. At that point, it was time to let them go. But there are a lot of tasty meals and gentle playtime, along with nice naps and walks in the stroller, that happen before that sad time. As a result, I have become something of an expert in caring for disabled and diapered pets. Recently, I had a brief hospitalization, not serious, that required me to be away from my pets for a couple of days. I found that the options for people to care for my dogs, with the routine that they were used to, were really limited. I decided to start offering these services myself…in addition to the usual daycare, boarding and in-home visit and walk services to every other type of healthy pet: lizards, birds, cats, dogs, etc. up to horses. The only exceptions are animals to whom I have to feed other animals, such as snakes.

Old Dog Daycare — Lincoln, Nebraska — 402-580-4567